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Surviving Adversity & Building Resilience

A cactus often symbolizes endurance. They can stand up to the test of time and survive even when it seems impossible🌵

Over the years I’ve worked with both children and adults who have truly struggled in their lives, and are searching for coping skills to overcome their adversities.

Here are some tips to survive adversity while building resilience:

Embrace life’s challenges. Understand that in most  instances adversity can allow for great personal growth.

Mindset. There is the saying that ‘life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it’. It is less about the event itself, and more about how you choose to cope.

Self-control: Remember YOU are in charge. Life presents a myriad of circumstances that may not be optimal, but creating the space to become independent in controlling your own life can be incredibly empowering.

Following these tips can greatly benefit you if implemented consistently. Input from a caring mental health professional can also help motivate you as well.

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