Parteek Singh 

State Street Global Corporation

“I first heard of Dr. Sheava in a featured piece on one of the local news channels, where she shared tips on managing mental health during the quarantine.

Impressed by their expertise, I reached out for a workshop for my company. I work in the Financial Industry and also serve as a co-chair of the Mental Health Committee. The goal of this workshop was to provide employees with mental health resources and homeschooling tips. Dr. Sheava and her colleague exceeded all expectations on meeting these goals. This was my first time planning a virtual workshop, and Dr. Sheava made the whole process seamless. 


The webinar presentation was insightful, interactive, and authentic. The content presented was backed by research, and all of the tips provided were adaptable and precise to the target audience. They even shared the “resource” slides, from their webinar slide show, which I was able to disseminate to our entire office. 


Mental health is a sensitive topic; Dr. Sheava and her colleague made the audience feel comfortable and retained their attention. I highly recommend the webinar workshop, as I have only heard positive feedback from our employees. I’m looking forward to more collaborative opportunities.”