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Client Testimonials


Some people may find it intimidating to start therapy for the first time. It's completely understandable that there can be many questions and concerns. I hope the following testimonials from current and past clients, can help relieve some of the uncertainty that comes with starting therapy for the first time.

~ Parteek Singh 

    State Street Global Corporation

“I first heard of Dr. Sheava in a featured piece on one of the local news channels, where she shared tips on managing mental health during the quarantine.

Impressed by their expertise, I reached out for a workshop for my company. I work in the Financial Industry and also serve as a co-chair of the Mental Health Committee. The goal of this workshop was to provide employees with mental health resources and homeschooling tips. Dr. Sheava and her colleague exceeded all expectations on meeting these goals. This was my first time planning a virtual workshop, and Dr. Sheava made the whole process seamless. 


The webinar presentation was insightful, interactive, and authentic. The content presented was backed by research, and all of the tips provided were adaptable and precise to the target audience. They even shared the “resource” slides, from their webinar slide show, which I was able to disseminate to our entire office. 


Mental health is a sensitive topic; Dr. Sheava and her colleague made the audience feel comfortable and retained their attention. I highly recommend the webinar workshop, as I have only heard positive feedback from our employees. I’m looking forward to more collaborative opportunities.”

​​"During these difficult times, we all need that extra support in self-care and adjusting to working from home while navigating our children while they are distance learning. Helping Families in Silicon Valley found this a concern to many families in the area.


I the CEO of this organization, quickly responded to this concern and contacted Dr. Sheava through social media. I was aware that she was an expert in this area. She quickly responded to our needs. Within a week we were ready to go with the Wellness Workshop/Webinar.

The slideshow presentation was amazing, well-organized, including great content, resources, and professionalism. Attendants found that after the workshop they felt a lot more confident. I'm looking forward to future workshops with Dr. Sheava. "

~ Julie Larios


     Helping Families of Silicon Valley

“I reached out to Dr. Sheava for individual therapy, after being introduced to her via a webinar hosted by my employer. I felt a connection with her even in a group setting because of her empathetic, friendly, and open personality. Aside from Dr. Sheava being a great fit for my personality, I specifically love her practical approach to help you grow, develop, and reach your goals. In addition, she met with my 10-year-old son and in just 15-minutes she was able to convey a breathing exercise to calm him down when in a particularly distressing situation. He is using this technique when needed. In just a few months of meeting with Dr. Sheava, I have already made huge progress and can’t stop recommending her to friends and colleagues.”

~ A. B. 

"I attended Dr. Sheava’s wellness webinar. The webinar was extremely helpful, especially as a mother of two toddlers who needs guidance creating a daily routine. Her webinar was truly inspiring, and gave me useful tools and resources needed to organize my day. Also the webinar included helpful meditation and mindfulness techniques to keep me feeling calm and relaxed during these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic. I highly recommend Dr. Sheava’s wellness webinars to anyone looking to improve their overall physical and mental well-being."

~ Tania J.

~ Anonymous

"My daughters generally get along quite well, but started fighting constantly after sheltering in place, during the pandemic. I contacted Dr. Sheava for help, and she was a miracle worker!


She equipped them with simple tools to help them recognize triggers and proactively manage situations that might otherwise cause friction. I still see them using these tools today, and sometimes offer prompts to remind them to take control of their responses in certain situations.


This was a great investment for household peace during the pandemic, and also to equip my children for future interpersonal relationships."

“I have been a virtual client of Dr. Sheava’s for the past 4 months. Dr. Sheava is an amazing psychologist who has helped me achieve a more positive outlook on life. Before I started therapy with Dr. Sheava, I struggled with boundaries and low self-esteem. Since working in therapy I have learned to establish clear boundaries both in my work and personal relationships. Also, my self-esteem has greatly increased since interacting with Dr. Sheava. I love the virtual set-up as it allows me to interact with a therapist in a private place of my choosing and cuts out the need for a stressful drive in traffic. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sheava to meet your therapeutic needs.”



COVID-19 brought many new stresses into our lives that made therapy for my tween stepdaughter essential to her mental health and wellbeing. We found Dr. Sheava and my stepdaughter started seeing her immediately through Zoom sessions. Dr. Sheava quickly helped to identify some strategies to help her cope and manage her anxiety, as well as lead some group sessions to help reduce some blended-family tensions.  What I appreciate most about Dr. Sheava's approach is that she recognizes that there is no "one size fits all" remedy to stress and anxiety and she helps my stepdaughter figure out what is going to work best for her. I work with young adults who are entering the workplace for the first time so I am all too familiar with how stress and anxiety can limit one's potential. I am fortunate that we found Dr. Sheava and she's giving my stepdaughter the tools to not only manage her stress and anxiety now but to set herself up for future success as a young adult.

Hi Dr. Sheava! I’ve been meaning to tell you how thankful I am for everything you have taught me. I’ve managed my anxiety for almost 45 days with no meds and no panic attacks! And I am so incredibly happy.

I feel so empowered and happy to have control over my thoughts. I’ve also improved my relationship with my sibling. I reached out to them in the manner you suggested and we have been doing great. Thank you

~ Anonymous

Dr. Sheava and I started working together after I spent years of trail and error with numerous therapists. I was beyond frustrated and dealing with some serious health issues that were having a big impact on my mental well-being. Dr. Sheava knew what was needed within minutes of our first meeting. She provided some practical, simple suggestions as homework; things I could do to help myself between our sessions. She was spot on.  The homework suggestions along with her gentle, thoughtful talk therapy created the just the right combination of treatment and established a safe space for sharing.  I not only began to feel better mentally, I also started to feel better physically. This is the type of tailored approach that can only come from a professional who is highly skilled and knows how to listen to patients- each session I felt truly seen. I recommend Dr. Sheava to anyone looking for mental healthcare, she is incredible and I am forever thankful to her.


I have been taking zoom sessions with Dr. Sheava for almost two years. She is amazing and helped me overcome my stress and anxiety. Dr. Sheava helped me to understand myself & my self-esteem better. I have never felt judged by her and after each session, I feel stronger and stronger.
I am really happy that I met Dr. Sheava who guides me through so much of my emotional and mental growth!


Dr. Sheava has been working with our son for several weeks. He is 18 and has struggled with anxiety and depression for years, along with some substance abuse.  In just a very short time we have seen a dramatic improvement with him. He is engaging, he is talking, he is smiling, he’s less self-sabotaging and he has stopped all substances.  We are so thankful for Dr. Sheava and the work she has done with him and for teaching him the tools he needs to overcome the issues that have haunted him over the years. 
We are getting our son back!

Thank you Dr.  Sheava we are eternally grateful for your help.


I decided to receive psychoeducational testing as I entered college after graduating high school.

I have had light accommodations since middle school which were granted based on the

diagnosis of a genetic disorder. However, the college accommodations process is more

complicated and involved, requiring more sophisticated testing and information to come to a

more specific and relevant diagnosis having to do with the presence, or lack thereof, of any

disorder that may stand in the way of attaining success in one's education. Dr. Sheava was an

extremely kind and competent professional who did a fantastic job in assisting me in navigating

this process. She provided the needed psychoeducational testing to receive accommodations

and made sure the process was as personal and thorough as possible, ensuring that no stone

was left unturned as she worked tirelessly to understand the entirety of my case and strove for

accuracy in knowing my medical history and personal history as well. The report which she

provided contained invaluable information that will be helpful for me throughout my life, in

ensuring that I understand myself, and how my brain works. Her report was imbued with

impressive depth and clarity, which showed how much attention had been given to this report

to leave no question that it was beautifully written in addition to showing her impressive

knowledge and expertise as a professional in her field. Overall, I was extremely happy with Dr.

Sheava’s work, and grateful that I was able to witness her incredible

talent of fully empathizing

with her clients and ensuring that they all know that they are welcomed and cared for no matter

their situation.


I was extremely happy with Dr. Sheava’s work! She provided an invaluable service to me in


psychoeducational testing, and in being an extremely kind and empathetic

individual throughout the entirety of the process. Her report was professionally written and

highlighted her extensive knowledge of her field. I would highly recommend Dr. Sheava to anyone who is seeking psychoeducational testing for any reason.


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